If I do not answer any question you may have feel free to use contact form to send me your questions.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I book a shoot?

Use contact form, email or call to request available dates or more information.  Once you decide on a date & location you will pay the Session Retainer to book your date

Do I post your pictures?

Absolutely not!  I may love one of your images & ask but it is totally your decision!  I wish everyone was confident enough to let me share, but I also understand the nature of the photographs are intimate.  I would NEVER post an image without a signed model release.  I take great care to protect your privacy!


Is hair & makeup included?

Hair and makeup is included complimentary by me with the Signature Session, Professional hair & makeup is included in the Dream Session.  Both includes professional makeup application & lashes.  You just show up with your foundation.  Arrive with clean dry hair and we will style you hair into sexy covergirl style.  I do allow for your own styling, but I will coach you on what looks best for boudoir ahead of time & since I am a certified makeup artist I can help with touch up and lash application.  I provide lashes if you do not arrive with them.  If you opt to do your own HAMU there is no discount as it is complimentary to the sessions. 


Is location included in session fee?

 The Signature Session takes place in my residential studio.  It is my private residence so location given after booking to remai discreet. The Dream Session includes a posh boutique style location in Dallas or a hotel of your choosing, discount applies if you book a hotel suite.  


Do I get digital copies of my images?


Each image you purchase comes in a mobile app.  You can save & share those images straight from your phone.  You will also receive a lo res digital of each purchased image printable up to 8X10.  You may puchase hi res digitals.  Also, the Luxe Collection comes with hi res digitals.  


Do I have to pose nude?

Absolutely not.  The shoot is in your command.  You can choose to wear lingerie, sexy dresses for a glamour style, implied nude which is topless or nude, but covering up the naught bits with posing, arms, fabric or topless or completely nude.  It is totally up to your comfort level.  


What does professional retouching include?

Retouching includes airbrushing the face & body to smooth skin & imperfections.  Brightening of eyes, whitening teeth, removing blemishes & stray hairs, minimize unflattering bulges, smooth wrinkled clothing.  It does not include all over body slimming, but you can request this for an additional charge of $12 per image.